About me

Angelo Anzalone (1989).

He was born in Canicatti’ (AG) and grown up in San Cataldo, a small village near Caltanissetta, in the heart of Sicily.

After a scientific education he grows the need to deepen humanistics studies, and
decides to be enrolled in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy at the University of Catania. 
While he is attending the course of Experimental Photography, he chooses to put effort in this field by following the authorial documentation.

At the end of the academic path, he dedicates himself to his thesis work concerning the Philosophy of the Photography; during this time he meets the well-known photographers Nino Migliori, Letizia Battaglia, Ferdinando Scianna and Tony Gentile

At the moment he is student and tutor-assistant at IIF (Istituto Italiano di Fotografia) of Milan. 

Recently he got chosen to be a participant in a workshop with the American photoreporter Christopher Morris; he worked with the director Luca Guadagnino; he took part, under the advice of Nino Migliori, in the competition “Fabbri per l’arte” at Palazzo Pierpaoli Campogrande in Bologna.